FO post

I didn’t make FO photographs all winter. Terribly lazy isn’t it? But at first it seemed like it was always raining, and after that it was too cold.
Anyway, it’s spring now, and this is my Damson.
Knitted in Malabrigo sock, not a favourite yarn, but the pattern was good. I really like the way it hangs on your shoulders. It doesn’t need a pin.

Here is another FO, my Vintage Beret:

The look is more boyish than vintage on me, but I like it. Lovely yarn too (Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK). And the fastest knit ever!

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1 Response to FO post

  1. Nisse says:

    Lovely Damson. I really liked the pattern as well. Shame You don’t like working with the malabrigo. Personally I do love the yarn. Luckily there’s enough yarn out there to suit everybody’s taste ;)

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