Since I left art school I’ve been drawing less and less. Somehow all the fun was out of it. Drawing used to be my favorite hobby, but it felt like work now. And somehow everything I made didn’t seem good enough. I started avoiding it.

Because the need to create beautiful things was still there, I started knitting.

Because there’s no pressure on knitting, it isn’t art, it’s always fun to do. But I sometimes missed drawing. I was wondering what sort of things I would come up with if I started again. But when I tried to draw something all this thoughts about failure were in my head.

On one of the blogs I read (Dances with Wool from Lene) this book was recommended:

Carla Sonheim – Drawing Lab

Just the book I needed! It’s full of silly/funny/unusual exercises to make drawing fun again. I did the first exercise last week. You have to lay in bed with paper on the blanket (so you can’t draw very neat) and make drawings of cats. It was so much fun to do! These are my cats:

Absolutely not art, but so much fun to do!

I did a second exercise this weekend. I just picked one from the second half of the book, one about collage. I made this today:

And then another one:

I am happy with this one. I’ve never really done anything with collage before, but this “drawing” is really my style.
And again, a lot of fun, I am looking forward to next weekend’s exercise!

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