I don’t have much knitting to show. I did knit, but not much, and I forgot to take pictures. In fact I would really like to start a new project, but I am already working on so many things. The idea is to finish Still first, because that’s the only WIP that’s already half way there.

I did knit a lot on Still in my Christmas holiday, I knitted the whole front. But now I have to re knit the back (tension problems) and I am so bored with it. No idea why this knit is so boring. I should probably stay away from simple stocking stitch sweaters for a while.

Maybe I should try some lace or cables or fair isle. I haven’t knitted much sweaters with interesting stitch patterns. Maybe this is a good idea for 2012, to make my knitting a bit more challenging.

I am really in love with the new Rowan magazine 51. I already bought it, and I would like to start a project asap. It’s really hard to choose this time, there are a lot of must haves in this magazine.



This is probably going to be my first knit (Frontier/Julia Frank). It could be a nice knit, I think. I’ve never knitted such a pattern before and I have the yarn in stash.

If only Still was done..


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