Noek’s 2011

I love all the 2011-in-crafting posts, so here is mine:


No knitting because of rsi-like pains. Sewed a skirt and started sewing a blouse.


Slowly working on the Olivia cardigan in Purelife British Sheep Breeds yarn.


White Rabbit Wristees from TinyOwlKnits.

Olivia from Kim Hargreaves.


Knitting Still from Kim Hargreaves.

Featherbed from Louisa Harding


Started the Paloma sweater from Kim Hargreaves in Pure Wool DK, but this didn’t work out at all. Gauge problems with Still. Started Ripple from Louisa Harding but knitting in the lovely Ondine cotton gives me pain in my hands.
A little bit bored with knitting.


Knitted the Robin hat.


Knitted the Fair Isle Yoke on my holiday to Sweden. First proper Fair Isle, I love it. I want to do more!


Fair Isle Yoke from A Stitch in Time with Robin from Kim Hargreaves.

A new Fair Isle project: the Halla sweater from the wonderful Nordic Tweed booklet from Rowan.


Side Slip Cloche from Boutique Knits.


Knitting on a lot of WIP’s.


Damson shawl from ysolda Teague.

Vintage Beret from Rowan magazine 44, my fastest knit ever.


Started the Plaid Jacket from A Stitch in Time vol 2.

A happy 2012 to you all! Thank you for all the nice comments and emails, and happy knitting!

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