Plaid Jacket

I wasn’t really happy with the swatch I made for the Simple – But So Attractive pullover. I really like the yarn (Jamieson and Smith Shetland Supreme), and this pattern wasn’t making the most of it. It looked a bit dark. And I think this rib pattern needs a stretchier yarn.
My swatch lay next to a yellow tweed yarn in my knitting basket. The yellow really cheered up the grey. And so I got the idea to make the  Plaid Jacket with my yarn.

I am really happy with my choice, the colors look really pretty together and it’s a great way to knit up some leftovers too!

I decided to purchase the Excelana yarn the pattern is knitted with for Simple – But So Attractive. Because this pullover is really a must have for me. The Excelana feels really nice in the skein. Compared to the Shetland it’s very soft, but it’s sturdier than a Merino yarn. It’s a pretty yarn in a really subtle way. I would call it a luxurious basic yarn.
I can’t wait to cast on, but I am already knitting three sweaters, so I am trying to wait!

Excelana is made from 75% Exmoor Blueface (Exmoor Horn crossed with a Bluefaced Leicester sheep, also called the Exmoor mule) and 25% Blue Faced Leicester. I love to know which sheep breeds my yarn is made from.
For the Plaid Jacket I am using leftovers from the Scottish tweed yarn from Rowan. And I was wondering if this yarn is also made from Shetland wool. It really resembles the Shetland Supreme, but it’s more loosely plied.

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