Look what Sinterklaas brought me this year:

It’s Shetland Supreme jumper weight from Jamieson and Smith. The colour is called Yuglet and it’s a dark gray. It is an undyed yarn.

Definitely not a soft yarn, but it does feel nice in your hands in a different way. It feels strong and natural. I like it!

I did already swatch a little for this great jumper in the Stitch in Time vol 2 book:

I am not happy with my swatch, it’s too holey. It’s knitted on 3,75 mm needles, a smaller needle would be better. I also didn’t match the tension, so I have to use a smaller needle anyway. A bit surprising, because my sample of Excelana does look thicker than the Shetland yarn. But it’s a rib pattern, so it’s hard to measure. Maybe the Excelana is stretchier.
I will experiment further.
In the mean time I am knitting on Still. The second sleeve is almost done, now I have to restart the front (and frog the back and reknit it, but I am trying not to think about that).

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