I finished my Damson shawl, and it’s blocking now. Because my hands were already wet, I also blocked my Citron shawl. I finished that one almost two years ago, but somehow never came round to blocking it. It’s a shame, because I loved knitting it and I’m sure it will be nice to wear. I even bought a shawl pin especially for it.

I guess I’m not really a shawl person. I am happy with Damson now it’s done. I already wore it in front of the mirror, and the shape is really good. It stays on your shoulders without the need of a pin.

I didn’t like the yarn I knitted it with, Malabrigo sock. A very inelastic yarn, it didn’t feel like wool at all. Somehow my stitches kept sliding of the needles. I had to stop a lot of times to pick up stitches. This has never happened to me before. Maybe because it’s a slippery yarn it would behave better on wooden needles or lace needles instead of the Addi turbo’s I used.
But I’m not going to knit it with it again, it’s just not my type of yarn. But the color is fantastic! It sometimes looks like aubergine and sometimes like gray.

The postman made me very happy today! My Stitch in Time vol 2 arrived. I pre ordered this book last March, and now it’s finally there! I really like it. It’s a really big book, and contains 80 patterns.
I have already planned a few projects. I am now planning which yarns I would like to order…mmmm…I love new knitting books.
Because I pre ordered early I also got a sample of the Excelana yarn, and it feels very nice. Soft, but strong. I think I will order it. I am also thinking about ordering Jamieson and Smith’s Shetland Surpreme. It’s undyed Shetland wool, the colors are wonderful.

A lot of the Stitch in Time patterns are already on Ravelry. The  “Simple – But so Attractive”  pullover and “Tri-Cable Stitch Jumper” (this is a cardigan, actually) are my favorites.

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