FO: White rabbit wrist-ees

Pattern: White rabbit wrist-ees by tiny owl knits, free pattern
Yarn: Garnstudio Drops Kid-silk

I started this as a quick project in November, but got side tracked and finished them in March. If you want you can knit these in a few days.

The pattern is lovely, very simple and so cute. But I found out I really don’t like knitting with this type of yarn. It’s too thin and too hairy.
The first time I knitted with it I thought it was lack of experience. But no, this type of yarn is just not for me.
But they’re done and the result is lovely. Maybe I will trade the rest of my stash.

They are surprisingly warm though and very soft. I love them.

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1 Response to FO: White rabbit wrist-ees

  1. Janey says:

    Those wrist-ees are sooo beautiful!
    Yes. mohair is difficult to knit with, but the warmth it provides – with the lack of weight and/or bulk – makes up for it. (IMHO.)

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