Nice books

I’m trying not to buy too much yarn (not really succeeding though, the stash is still growing, but that’s only because I don’t knit much ;)). Instead I bought  a lot of knitting books.

This book got a good review on and I decided to buy it , because I love books about the history of clothes. And it is just as good as I hoped it would be. Lots of lovely photographs from knitwear from the 20th century. And an interesting read too. It’s really inspiring when you’re a knitter or when you love vintage clothes.

This is a book from Louisa Harding with patterns that are easy to knit and then fun to embellish with buttons, beads, embroidery and so on. I love the way Louisa writes, she always encourages me to be creative. I especially like the hat patterns. There’s a great cloche in it. I just bought some vintage buttons I’ll probably use for this hat.

I am planning to knit more hats. I’ve got loads of lovely patterns in my queue, but somehow I’m always knitting cardigans.

I am also very happy with the new Rowan magazine. There are a lot of great patterns in it. A lot of lace patterns but not the traditional lace, it all looks really modern.
I already saw the previews a few months ago. But now I can see the patterns from close by, I changed my mind about what I want to knit first. I think this is going to be my first summer knit:

I think it will be an interesting knit. Easy, but not boring. I am planning to use the Revive yarn I have in stash for this. The tweedy effect will obscure the pattern a little, but I think that could be nice.

A tiny bit of progress on Olivia. I am working on the raglan decreases of the back. I had to rip out a part of it, because I somehow did an extra decrease on the left side. After this it’s time to knit the pockets. I am thinking about knitting the pockets in another colour of the British Sheep Breeds yarn. Like Kim does on the Daisy pattern.

I am still enjoying the yarn every time I work on this knit. It smells so nice.

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