new yarn

I bought 10 skeins of Rowan Silky Tweed in the sale at Jannette’s Rare Yarns. I’ve always wanted to try this yarn, but didn’t like the pattern book for it (too classic for me). Somehow I never came round buying it with so many beautiful new yarns coming out and now it’s already discontinued.
Sad, because it is a really nice yarn. 80 % lambswool, 20% silk. It has a bit of a silky feel when you touch it but it’s soft and woolly too. And it is so pretty…I really love tweed yarns. This is the spinach colour, a dark green, not really an olive but also not really a pine colour. I love Rowan’s colours. I think they are the only yarn manufacturer that make this kind of indescribable colours.

I am not sure yet what to make from it but it’s enough for a sweater.

My camera doesn’t capture colours very well, especially not in January, but this is Rowan Calmer in the lovely Tree colour.
I am really into greens lately. It used to be purple and aubergine, but now it’s green. They are for Still from Kim Hargreaves.

The new Knitty came out. I am really in love with the Fleece pattern. You can find it here:


I love the way the designer (Kieran Foley) used the colours of the yarn. He used two different colourways of Zauberball, one gray, black, white and the other chocolate, white, beige. I love the brown-black-creamy white combination.

I never use multicoloured yarns but I’ve ordered these two colourways because I would love to knit this shawl. And I want it in the exact same colours. I never thought you could use multicoloured yarns in such a subtle but smashing way.

Nice to be so enthusiastic about a pattern!

The lace and colours remind me a bit of 19th century lace shawls. But somehow the zigzags and the big contrast between black and white  really make it a modern thing.

There are a few difficult stitches used in this pattern but the designer tells you there are different ways to do them. I practised a little and I had problems doing the quadruple decrease: P5tog tbl. But I’ve already found a blog (search on Google with “quadruple decrease”) that gives an explanation of another way to do this decrease. A sort of sskpsso with multiple stitches. I am going to try that out.

I love learning new things.

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2 Responses to new yarn

  1. Sarah says:

    I agree with you! I love that feeling you get when you see a pattern and have to cast on immediately. The silky tweed does look pretty but I was never inspired by the patterns for it either.

    • Noekkeon says:

      I think I will use the silky tweed to knit Rose from Breeze. It’s not the exact same tension, but not too far off.

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