Winter Still

There is not much to tell about knitting. I can’t knit much. I’ve been to the doctor and am going to start physiotherapy again. My arms ache, it’s a bit depressing.

I am still working on the Alice mitts. It’s a good pattern for now. I can knit two rows a day and still believe they will be finished soon.

I’ve finished the first mitt (or actually the second, the first one was a bit too big) today, and cast on for the second. Didn’t sew it together yet, but it looks okay.

On a happier note Sinterklaas gave me some really nice yarn to make the pattern Still from Kim Hargreaves. Rowan Calmer in Forest, a real nice green. It reminds me of the leaves of trees in summer, it’s a well chosen name. It’s a nice colour to knit with in winter, it really cheers you up. I’ve knitted a few rows, can’t knit more at the moment but it looks really cool in my knitting basket (also a gift).
It’s a perfect spring colour too.

I hope to join the Olivia KAL on Ravelry with my Olivia in January, but this may be a bit too optimistic. But we’ll see…It’s now waiting for the KAL in my knitting basket. My sleeves are already done, so maybe I can catch up again in February.

There are more and more previews coming out from yarn manufacturers. I’ve seen the previews of Rowan and the new magazine looks cool. I am definitely going to buy it in January. And the new books from Louisa Harding look great too. I especially like the book Ianthe and the tunic Ripple in the Ondine book (pictures at and

I think I often like summer pattern books even more than the fall/winter books. But I don’t like summer yarns much. Cotton often gives me sore hands, and so does silk. I didn’t even dare to knit with the linen yarn I once bought, although I love how it looks. Calmer is a nice summer/transitional yarn to work with. I will try to find more of such yarns in the future. Blends will probably be best.

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2 Responses to Winter Still

  1. Sarah says:

    Sorry to hear that your arms still ache. How frustrating. You are right to keep away from the yarns that make them hurt. Good luck with the treatment.

    • noekkeon says:

      Thanks Sarah, for your kind reply. It’s indeed frustrating. And I discover now how much time I spend at knitting. I have to find different things to do. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I miss knitting.

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