more new patterns

There’s not much knitting news over here. It has been very hot in the Netherlands last week, and I haven’t felt like knitting at all. I’ve only knitted a few rows on Rove, that’s all.

But I am eagerly awaiting all the new patterns for autumn. I’ve already told you how much I like the new Rowan magazine, and I’ve found out that it will be available on 15 july. I can’t wait.

I am also looking at the new Louisa Harding patterns. Her main book Dreamcatcher is written for two new yarns, both chunky/bulky. The chunky yarns are apparently a big hit this winter. I didn’t know at first if I liked it or not, chunky yarns are not really my thing, but I am beginning to like it more and more.

There are a few longer cardigans in the book I really like. This is one of them:

This is a quite a classic cardigan but a bit longer than usual and with nice big pockets in moss stitch. I really need some warm sweaters in my wardrobe. Our home is cold in the winter and 4ply sweaters aren’t warm enough. I am curious about the yarn, I usually choose natural yarns and this yarn is part wool, part acrylic. If the acrylic is used in a good way it can be a nice yarn, the colours are very beautiful, a bit variegated but not too much.

This is such an original design. This is why I love Louisa Harding. I’ve never seen a cable used like this! There is also a short version of this one in the book, and that one is very pretty too.

This is also cute. I love the long row of tiny buttons, I’m sure Louisa is a button lover. You can’t see it very well on this picture, but there are some nice subtle cables in this design and I love the colour of the yarn.

There are also 3 smaller booklets from Louisa for her other yarns. I was interested in her booklet for the Thistle yarn, Violet Sky, but I don’t like many of the designs. I think I am going to like the Blue Monday booklet better, but there are only very small pictures on the internet now. I’ve read somewhere the books will be there around 20 july.It’s going to be a nice autumn.

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