new patterns are coming…

There are suddenly previews of the new Rowan patterns everywhere. I love previews! There is one of the Rowan magazine 48 on this website:

I can’t say how much I like this magazine. There is so much I want to knit. I am especially in love with the chapter with the cable designs. I am curious which yarns are used, I am hoping the British Sheep Breeds yarn is one of them. Possibly also Cocoon.  I love unusual cables. I think a lot of the designs are by Marie Wallin, I am beginning to like her designs more and more. I am definitely going to knit more than one design from this chapter (Wayfarer wrap!, Ranger cardigan!, Roamer vest!). The men’s pullovers are great too, I hope my boyfriend will like one of them (although it’s doubtful I will have time to knit all this).

There is also a chapter with colourwork designs and they are stunning. I am not going to knit them, I haven’t even finished my first colourwork mitts, but I love looking at them. The third chapter contains more classic designs. I like that there is such a chapter this year, the designs are wearable and elegant. They are modeled by people of different ages, and that’s always nice. I like the Patty pullover, it’s a simple short raglan with stripes. I saw on Brandon Mably’s site that the design is from him and is knitted in Kidsilk haze.

On the blog from Janette’s Rare Yarns ( are previews from the Drift/Big wool collection. I like a lot of this designs. I don’t really like bulky yarns, but these designs are surely tempting.

There are also previews of the new booklets of Martin Storey. Good designs, wearable and beautiful, but not really my style.

I hope she will have a preview of the new Purelife booklet in a few days. I am stalking her blog! The booklets are coming out in august, but I am hoping the magazine will already be there in july. The last one was there in january, so it could be….but Studio 20 is also coming in july…we’ll see.

It’s strange to look at all the autumn/winter designs in june!

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1 Response to new patterns are coming…

  1. Maria says:

    I’ve been so wanting a look at the new Rowan booklets. Thanks for the link to Jeanette’s blog!!! I keep forgetting to check there!! Looks like the ‘Winter Drift’ booklet is a must-have for me!

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