I can’t tell you how much I like Kim Hargreaves new book Misty. I’ve ordered the book immediately and I hope it will arrive soon!

I’ve also ordered one extra skein of Rowan Fine Milk Cotton at English Yarns (they still had the same dye-lot for me!)  so I can use the skeins in my stash for this design, Arielle:


For better pictures go to http://www.kimhargreaves.co.uk

I am going to make it in Liquorice, a nice aubergine colour.

And I’ve ordered Rowan Pure Wool 4 ply in Eau de Nil (love that name) for this design, Petal:


Wool may seem a strange choice (the original is in cotton), but I bought a short sleeved wool  sweater in a shop last summer and have worn it all the time on the colder summer days. It’s nice to have bare arms and be warm at the same time. Besides that I don’t want to knit in cotton the whole time because it’s harder on my hands.

I am also very much in love with Jess:


It is knitted in Lenpur Linen, maybe I will sub it with Garnstudio’s Bomull-Lin. But I’m not sure, maybe I’ll try the Lenpur. Rowan Revive is also an option.

And my fourth favourite, Shimmer:


What a beautiful picture. This one is knitted in Rowan Calmer, I’ve never used that yarn, because it’s so expensive for a cotton. But maybe it’s time to try it.

I will never be able to knit all this, but I will try to knit faster.

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4 Responses to Misty

  1. Maria says:

    I love almost all the sweaters in Misty, too! Arielle and Shimmer are my most favorite!

  2. Sarah says:

    Jess and Arielle are my favourites so far but I’m sure when the book arrives my queue will turn to dust!

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