Yarn and books

Last friday my package from Knits in the City arrived. It was here very quickly. So I had a lovely day reading in my new pattern books and fondling my new yarn. I bought Little Cake from Louisa Harding, and two skeins of Thistle to make the Featherbed beret in this book.


This is my first book from Louisa Harding and I like it very much. It is very nicely photographed, and I read that those photo’s are made by her husband. Must be nice to work together on such a project. I had seen Little Cake last autumn when I was in London, but didn’t like it much at first. I liked the photo’s but didn’t know if I would knit anything from the book. But after reading Mooncalf’s review of Little Cake on her blog Make Do and Mend, I got interested again. Louisa’s designs have really grown on me. They are colourful, I think that’s what took some getting used to for me. But now I really like the playfulness of her designs. She often gives different versions of a design. It really gives me the idea I may change the patterns, play with them and make them how I want them to be.

She also writes little stories by her designs, tells something about why she made it like that or where she got her inspiration for that design. Very nice reading. And the photographs of the woods are the best in the book. I don’t know how they are made, my own photographs are often not sharp, because it is so dark in the woods. Yet those photo’s don’t look as if they are made with artificial lighting.

Little Cake was for this winter, but because the photo’s are made in spring, I think it is also good as a spring book. And there are enough designs in it that would be good for spring. Like this vest:


I love it. I would maybe lower the neckline a little bit, but I’m not sure. The pattern is charted so it would be easy to do. This one is knitted in Thistle, and I like this yarn very much. Here is a photo:

This is colour number 12, called Winter. From a distance it is a dark aubergine colour. From up close you can see it is heathered, there is pink in it and also a little bit of green, that looks greyish because of the dark purple behind it. It is very subtle, I like it very much. The yarn feels very soft but not fragile. I would love to make a sweater out of it some day.

The Rowan Purelife Recycled Collection was in this package too. I am still not sure which colour of the Revive I like best, those colours are very unusual. It is probably so that I would like them all! I think I am going to knit the lacy jacket Shallot first. Maybe in Rock, maybe in Granite, maybe in Basalt.

When I was reading the bell rang again. Another package for me, this time from the Dutch webshop De Hobbydoos. Full of Garnstudio yarn. I ordered Muskat, in dark brown, white and aubergine. I already have dark green in my stash. Those are for Torquay from Rowan 47. Probably my next knit after finishing Lauren.

And last but not least, 7 balls of Garnstudio Bomull-Linn, a mix of cotton and linen. I was very curious about this yarn, and it looks great. It feels like a very strong yarn, I am looking forward to knitting with my first linen yarn. I think I am ready for summer!

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