Rowan summer booklets

The Rowan booklets for summer are all awesome! The Purelife Recycled Collection is a must have for me, I have already ordered it. I am very curious about the Revive yarn. I had planned to order the yarn for the first design I want to make together with the book, but I couldn’t decide which colour to choose. The colours are heathered, or maybe it’s better to call it tweedy, there are different colours mixed through the main colour. It’s hard to see how a colour really looks on the computer screen. I want to see the book first and then I will decide which colour I want to try.
I think I will love all the colours. It looks like a really special yarn. I am wondering if it will look like summer tweed or not. I am going to try it out, I will order it next month.

I think I like this design the most. It’s a long t-shirt, I find them very practical. I am going to knit al lot of stripes this summer! But this one is nice too:

I tried something in this shape in a shop last week, and it looked very nice. I never wear such cardigans, but I am beginning to like them. It would really be something different for me.
There is also a very nice blue tunic/dress in this book. Would I be able to knit a dress? It’s possible it would cost me months to knit. Probably more. But it is tempting.

There is also the Summer Crochet book, also from Marie Wallin. There is one design in it I would love to have:

I’ve never seen something so beautiful in crochet, most designs are looking a bit rough and stiff, and very obviously self made. I wish I could crochet! I think I will learn some day, it will be nice for a change. There are more very good designs in the book. I would very much like to have this book, although I can’t crochet a stitch!
The Casual Classics book by Martin Storey is very good too. I am not a classic girl, but I can see this designs are very good and that you could wear them with pleasure every day and look very elegant at the same time. This waistcoat is really stunning:

The photographs are very beautiful in all those books. Of course Rowan’s photographs are always very good, but these photographs really make me long for summer and working in the garden.

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