binding off Citron

I am binding off my Citron shawl! I am already binding off for an hour and the amount of stitches seems not to be decreasing at all!

I must really give up my dreams about knitting big laceweight shawls (like Laminaria and Swallowtail…mmm…so beautiful). I don’t think I have the patience and perseverance some knitter’s seem to have.

What’s their secret? How can they blog about FO’s every week? How can they think after knitting such a big lace project  ” I am going to knit another one in another colour”? Or even worse: another one “as a gift”?

Are they just not blogging about those frustrating moments, when you have to bind off 540 stitches?

I really want to finish this today. I want to move on. I want to be able to say in my FO post: “This was a really fast and easy knit. I finished it in 9 days”.

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3 Responses to binding off Citron

  1. I still have to do 10 rows of the ruffled edging. I want to finish it this weekend..!

    • noekkeon says:

      Good luck with it! I think you will make it, but it is still a lot of work. It’s worth it though. I am going to block my Citron today, and am looking forward to wearing it. Bye, Noek

  2. nflux says:


    I love the look of the Citron project but I am already stuck at the “turn piece 90 …”. Any idea how I should be holding it before I can continue on Row1???

    Thanks in advance,

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