A warm knit for the cold days

The back of Ambleside is finished! It is very cold here at the moment, last fridaynight -15 °C. There is also a lot of snow, I can’t remember the last time there was so much snow. And they say it is going to snow even more tonight. I have to go to work tomorrow, I hope I can still take the bus.

I think this chunky knit will be very handy in this kind of weather. But there’s still a front to knit.
The back and sleeves are knitted in one piece, which gives a very eighties look to the tunic. I love it. After the front I only have to knit two bands for the sleeves and a neck band. It is a nice easy knit. The pattern is easily remembered, and there is not  a lot of shaping. A really nice relaxing knit for a change.

This is our back yard, a few more centimeters and we can’t open the door anymore.

This one was taken during our walk in the Millingerwaard yesterday. You can see one of the wild cows in the background, still eating in the heavy snow.

Here are some more cows, who have taken shelter under the trees.

You almost can’t see them, but they are there, under the trees. Very unusual weather, we could even have a white Christmas this year.

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