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Garnstudio/Drops sent an email about the voting for their new collection for spring/summer. I didn’t like their last two collections very much, but this time I was pleasantly surprised. There was a lot to like.
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On the left an A-line tunic knitted in Bomull-Lin. This is a yarn that’s on my list with yarns I would like to try out some day. I love the ruffle.

On the right my absolute favourite, this one I am definitely going to knit. It is knitted in Paris, a cotton I haven’t tried out yet. I am thinking about brown with purple accents ( I love 70’s colours).

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On  the left a sweet tee in Safran, a sport weight or 4 ply cotton I’ve used and which is a very good yarn I would love to use again. On the right is a basic but well fitting cardigan in Garnstudio’s new yarn Delight. I think this is the colourway I like most. I want to try it out, but I don’t know yet if I want to use it for a sweater or for a smaller item like a shawl or hat. I like the tight fitting body and wide sleeves of this cardigan.

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On the left a very nice textured cardigan knitted in Alpaca. A yarn I’ve also tried out and would like to use another time. This cardigan reminds me of Kim Hargreaves jackets, but she would probably use a raglan sleeve. I would love to wear this classic jacket.

On the right a pullover with a very nice pattern on the yoke they’ve used for a few more designs in this collection. I like it best on this one with the long sleeves. Also in Alpaca.

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On the left a very romantic cardi again in Alpaca. From the one on the right I don’t like the yarn at all, much too fluffy for me. But the design resembles the design I’ve posted first very much, the one in Bomull-Lin. If I can find a sub for the yarn, one with a hood might be even better.

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