FO: Emily

Pattern: Emily by Kim Hargreaves from the book Heartfelt

Yarn: Rowan Kid Classic in Oats (the recommended yarn and colour)

“mods” : I have knitted an S, but I knitted the sleeves 1 cm shorter, as for the XS

This was an easy but interesting knit. The cuffs for the sleeves and the edge of the body are very nice to knit and the constant change of stitches  gives a very beautiful and uncommon result. There are also a lot of increases and decreases to be done in this pattern, which give the beautiful elegant shaping. I like to do so many shapings, it keeps the knitting interesting.

You have quite a lot of finishing to do on this one, because you have to knit the neck band separately and then sew it on. I don’t know if I would do that another time. I really love the stitches used for the neckband, but it’s hard to sew it on in the right manner. I tried to stretch it a little and then sew it on, as described in the pattern, but I think I could have stretched it even more. I can live with it, but if I would knit another Emily, I would try out how it looks with a band knitted from picked up stitches.

I love the shape of the sleeves very very much. Knitting them was a lot of work, because they are so wide, but they are perfect. It was worth it.

The pictures are crappy, Emily deserves better, but it is so dark outside. It has been raining the whole day. And my photographer is gone partying…but we couldn’t have taken pictures outside today anyway. Maybe later.

I could also have put on some shoes instead of my slippers to make the pictures a bit more glamorous…but I guess this is how I look on a winter day.

I already complained a lot in my other posts about the bad luck I had with this pattern (it had nothing to do with the pattern itself which is very well written) but it was all worth it. I am considering knitting Still too, from Thrown Together, which looks a bit like this but with a square neck and other cuffs. A pullover is really easy to wear and I like that.

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