I decided to keep using the brown and purple tweed for my fingerless mitts. I have tried out how it would look with the blue Kid Classic I bought, but I didn’t like the combination, it made the teal blue too green.

So the motives are going to very subtile, but you can see them in daylight. Next time I will choose a light and a dark yarn, but I think those mitts are going to be very cute.

I love doing the fair isle. I always thought it would be very hard, but it isn’t. It is just stockinette and purling, but with two different colours. The only thing you have to remember is twisting the yarns around each other after 3 stitches, so you won’t get those long loops.

I find the fair isle much easier to learn than lace knitting. There are so many different stitches used in lace. I am not doing the fancy stuff like holding one yarn in your left hand and one in your right, I am just dropping the yarn I am not using at the moment. It goes slowly, but I love the result.

Terrible flash light picture, but it is dark outside.

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