I have finished Woolsthorpe. It looks different than in the book, much wider and a lot shorter, so I was disappointed at first. But when you don’t compare it with the book it is a nice cardigan.  Very soft and warm and a vibrant colour, ideal for me.  I will make an official FO post when my boyfriend is there to make the pictures. But next time when I knit a Rowan pattern I will make a size smaller and maybe add some length.

I am glad I have one WIP less, just three to go now. I wish the others were finished too, I am getting bored with them, I want to start something new. Knitting goes so slowly now I can’t knit as much as I want. But I really want to finish Emily and Willow before starting something new. Or at least one of them.

I am working at the front of Willow, another 16 rows before starting the decreases fot the neck and armholes, I think after that it will go fast. I am curious how it will look, and if it will fit. My gauge has changed again while knitting. I read something on Ravelry: a woman working in a yarn shop told that a lot of customers had a different tension on a tiny swatch than on an actual garment. I am afraid this is the case for me too. The swatch only gives a rough indication for me. I am glad it is not just me having this problem.

I think this time I am knitting tighter than on my swatch, possibly because I am used to the lace pattern now. But because all my sweaters till now have been a bit too big, I am not changing my needles. I will block first and see how it fits.

I am now at the point that I am “getting” the lace pattern from Willow and can knit without looking at the chart. Isn’t that cool? I am learning a lot from this pattern.

I want to start Ginny… and I gave my boyfriend a long wishlist full of yarn and pattern books (gift for my birthday). I am so curious what he chose. When I get it, I am going to start knitting immediately, so my current WIPS have to get out of my way.

I still want to knit something from A Stitch In Time, from Studio 15, from Rowan 46, from Precious, from Thrown Together, from Amber… I don’t have enough time.

My boyfriend made this picture of Mina sleeping on her favourite spot in the garden:


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