Precious from Kim Hargreaves

Wow, the new book from Kim Hargreaves is there: Precious. I’ve been stalking her website for days, quite freaky actually. And again: I love it. It has a different styling than Breeze, a lot of the sweaters are knitted in black. But of course all the Kim ingredients are there: lovely details, classic classy jackets, 4ply knits, very simple but absolutely perfect sweaters.

There are also two men’s patterns this time, maybe I’ll make one for my boyfriend. There are two hats and a shawl, and I will definitely knit the hat Kat. It is a cabled hat in Kid Classic, one of my favourite yarns.

My favourite cardigan (at this moment) is Lauren,  a cardigan with wide sleeves and body but close fitting ribbing. It’s knitted in Cashsoft 4 ply, a yarn I definitely want to try some time, so maybe I’ll order the yarn pack. It has a lot of lovely little buttons, also included in the yarn pack.

I love Fay too, it looks like the Willow I am knitting at the moment, but with sleeves and in a 4 ply yarn. And there are a lot of short dresses/big sweaters, I love all 3 of them.

I already purchased the book ofcourse.

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