Studio 15

Rowan Studio 15 arrived today. I had never ordered a Studio booklet before, and it looks just as lovely as the Rowan magazines. I am still in love with Lull and Lagan ( look two posts earlier for pictures). I saw that the designs are not from Marie Wallin as I thought but from Sarah Hatton.

I love the soft colours in this book. And that is coming from someone who almost always wears black. For some reason I don’t like to use black for my handknits. I am always afraid that you won’t be able to see the stitches you’ve made. I think a lace pattern would be quite lost in black. But I don’t know for sure, maybe I’ll try it out some day.

I am thinking about using Garnstudio Drops Lin for Lagan, the original is in Rowan Pima Cotton DK. Cotton sweaters are so heavy, I don’t like that about cotton. I’ve never used linen before, and I’m curious how it will be. But it’s not cheap, and I can’t decide which colour I would like to use. When I think about linen I think about natural colours, so maybe I will choose the beige or the brown. Bit I like the lilac too. The yarn is very shiny, I didn’t know that linen was shiny.

But I could also use Rowan Purelife Organic Wool, the naturally dyed yarns do have exactly these kind of colours. Decisions, decisions, I love making knitting decisions.

Maybe I will knit Lull in the new Rowan yarn thats coming, Felted Tweed Aran. The design could also be nice as a vest for winter. I don’t want to use the summer tweed, I love how it looks but I saw on Ravelry that it grows a lot. And it is too expensive for that. I think it’s normal for silk to grow, but I don’t want it. Garnstudio also has Bomull Lin, a blend of cotton and linen. Or I could use a cotton yarn.

I am very undecided what yarns to order the last few weeks. Maybe I will knit from my stash first. And save the money for our trip to London in september, than I can see all the yarns I like in real life and make my choice. I still have Rowan Pure Wool DK, Rowan Kid Classic, Garnstudio Muskat in my stash, all enough for sweaters.  And there is also a package from Kim Hargreaves coming with Felted Tweed.

I saw on the Garnstudio website that a new yarn is coming, Baby Merino, a finer version of Merino Extra Fine. I would love to use that for some 4ply designs. I’ve used the Merino Extra Fine for a sweater, and it was a good yarn and very soft, although it grew quite a bit in the wash. I’ve read afterwards in Clara Parks’  The Knitters Book Of  Yarn that that’s normal for superwash merino. Maybe if I wash my swatch this time, I will be able to count it in. Most colours are soft baby colours, but there are some nice grays and browns.

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