waiting for the postman


I’ve ordered the kit for Ginny from the Kim Hargreaves website. I have wanted to knit it since the book came out, but I couldn’t decide which colour to use. I love the colour it’s knitted in in the book, Paisley, but I don’t know if it will suit me because I’m a redhead. Then I thought about Bilberry, a purple, but I have just knitted a cardigan in purple. So I’ve finally decided it’s gonna be Pine, a dark green. You can never have too much green.

I am very curious how the Felted Tweed will be. I’ve seen it once in real life in a yarn shop, and the colours looked all very beautiful there. I think I will love it. And I’ve never ordered a yarn pack at Kim’s website before, only pattern books, I am so excited!

My Rowan magazine 46 was shipped yesterday, Studio 15 already a few days ago, that one will probably be here soon. As always, I can’t wait.

I have looked at the other new pattern books of Rowan on an american website. There are 4 new books in the RYC series, but they are not for me, too classic. I love the Purelife Winter Collection though.

These are Glenridding, Grassmere, Edenhall, Ambleside. I am guessing the designer is Marie Wallin, because she made the other Purelife books. I really want to try the new British Sheep Breeds DK.

There are some nice designs in The Lima book too. I don’t think I will buy it, but I am curious about the yarn. It is a cable yarn and contains a lot of alpaca. I’d love to see it in a yarn shop, before I’ll order. There are a lot of new colourways for the Colourscape Chunky yarn too. I would love to try that yarn some day, till now I’ve found it too expensive, but maybe some day, when I’m feeling rich…The book Colourscape Folk looks great. The designs are simple, but I think that’s best for this yarn.

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