We’ve been on a holiday to the south of France, in the Luberon, in the Provence. The weather was perfect, no rain at all. We were camping for the first time in ten years, and after a few days of getting used to, it was really nice. You are outside the whole time, I haven’t been so tanned in years ( I am a redhead, so it’s still light brown ofcourse).

The Luberon is very very beautiful. Mountains, flowers, lavender fields. The food was excellent: honey, cherries, apricots, peaches, Madeleines, cheese. I had a really good time there.


We went with the TGV from Brussels to Avignon. It only stops at the airport near Paris and at Lyon. Avignon is a lovely city, it has lots of old buildings, an old city wall and of course the famous bridge. We went to the Palais des Papes and did a bit of shopping. I saw a yarn shop too, but I didn’t feel like it, it was too hot and I don’t know if I really like Phildar yarns.


After a few days we took the bus to Apt, and there was a really lovely camp site, so we stayed there. We walked a lot, there are a lot of GR trails nearby. I love walking, you see so many flowers and butterflies, woods and little streams. Once we walked to Saignon, a beautiful little village in the mountains. I would love to live there.


I would like to go to the Luberon again. Next year we probably will have a car, and then we can drive a bit further and walk there. Now we couldn’t walk further than 15-20 km out of Apt.

Pit stop

I didn’t bring any knitting, to give my hand rest. That was a good decision, because I am now able to knit again, although still only short periods. I have worked a bit on Emily, the first sleeve is finally finished, and that is an enormous relief. I have knitted a bit on my sock, it is now 5 cm long, and today I have worked a few rows on Willow. It is still hard for me to do a lace pattern, I had to frog a few times. It takes a lot of counting, and there are a lot of new stitches. For example knit through the back of the second stitch, knit through the front of the first.  But I think when I am used to it this isn’t a hard pattern at all.

I have a little bit of money left and am thinking (dreaming) about my next yarn order and next project. I think it’s going to be Could Anything Be Prettier from A Stitch in Time. I would like to make it in RYC Cashsoft 4 ply, which is stretchy but not itchy. I don’t think a cotton will stretch enough for this design.

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