new wool

My package arrived. Pure Wool DK for Rose in Glade, and one ball in Damson to finish Woolsthorpe. Glade is a beautiful green colour, a dark olive. I still can’t knit, but I am looking for new patterns and new yarns on Ravelry and yarnshops. 

Rowan Pure Wool DK Glade

Willow is looking great, I hope I can work on it soon. This is a picture of the edging:


The more I knit from Kim Hargreaves, the more I admire her patterns. 

Garnstudio/Drops has publiced the patterns for coming winter on their site, but I don’t think I will knit anything from those. There are some good basic patterns for cardigans and sweaters, but as knitting goes so slow, I only want to knit things I find really special.

I want to knit something vintage first, after finishing all the FO’s I have now. Something from A Stitch in Time.  But I can’t decide which one it is going to be, there are so many patterns I like. If it’s still summer when I’ve finished all my FO’s (or one or two of them) I would also like to knit something in cotton. I am interested in the Purelife Cotton from Rowan, but the colours are much softer than I usually wear. I can’t decide which colour I would like to use, maybe Oak Bark. ( I really like browsing and looking at all the different yarns and thinking about what I am going to knit next).

I could also cast on for Clara from Kim Hargreaves, in the Scottish Tweed I have. I could order the Purelife Cotton and knit Dolly. Or some Cashsoft 4 ply for a pattern from A Stitch in Time… And I want to have Studio 15 from Rowan…and and and…

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