Knitting Fashions of the 1940s

I am little bit disappointed about this book from Jane Waller and that is because the patterns aren’t in multiple sizes. And there are almost no patterns in my size (34″). So if I want to knit something, I will have to resize the patterns. For the body this seems quite simple, there is 2″ difference between the sizes, so if you look at the tension you can see how many stitches less you should cast on. But what to do with the sleeves? And if you make those smaller, you have to change the armhole decreases too. I saw some articles on about resizing patterns, hopefully they will be helpful. The good things about the book: there are some really lovely patterns, and the info about knitting in the 40’s is very interesting.  But I don’t agree with Jane Waller that to make a vintage pattern modern, you should give it a lot of ease. Some sweaters look really eighty’s because of this, and I want the real 40’s look, or I wouldn’t buy the book.

I have knitted a little bit on Willow yesterday, still have to be careful. I have finished the first edging, and it looks so great, and is so interesting to knit. I learned a lot already (picots, and a lot of lace stitches). I love making picots, and that is good, because I will have to make them for Rose too.

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