22 cm

I don’t know if I will continue working on Emily, I am really longing to start something new. The sleeves are very boring to knit for the second time and also very big (91 stitches to cast on). I have now done 22 cm of the first sleeve.

There is really nothing wrong with the pattern, it is well written and I know it’s going to be beautiful, it’s just that it’s the second time because of a stupid mistake ( I didn’t check my gauge again after making my swatch and it had changed a lot). I have steamblocked the back and front and they are drying now. The stitches are a lot more even. The parts are significantly smaller than the first time, I think it’s gonna be a close fitting sweater now, as in the book.  

I casted on for the second “first sock” just to be sure that I am ever going to make the second one. And to work on if Emily is boring me. But..maybe I will cast on for Clara, from the book Amber from Kim Hargreaves ( I can really be a true member of the Kim Hargreaves group on Ravelry after that). I am going to use the Scottish Tweed 4ply for this long vest. I am probably going to use the Cashmerino for the Sexy Vesty from  CanarySanctuary.

I emailed English Yarns because my package still isn’t there, but they are still waiting for Rowan to deliver. Probably next week. I have to be patient…but I am glad there is nothing wrong.

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