Still working

Still working on Daisy…I have made the first sleeve, the sleeves are nice and short. You have to cast on in the contrast yarn, and then go on with the main yarn. Looks wonderful. 

Still no sign of my package…I hope Rowan doesn’t have delivery problems with those yarns. But I have enough wool in my stash. I don’t know what my next knit will be. I could start on This One for Parties, or Made So Quickly, or knit my Emily again. Or make my second sock…Or maybe my wool will be there and I can start with Rose (this is my favourite option).

It’s funny how your favourites in a book can change. When I first saw Breeze my favourites were Daisy, Ruby, Georgie, Frankie and Ali. I still like Daisy and Georgie, but I don’t care so much about the others anymore. I have started to like Rose and Kit. And I saw a beautiful Dolly on Ravelry this week. I didn’t like that pattern at all in the book, but the one on Ravelry is so lovely, I think I am going to queue it. 

It is such a great book, I think I am going to knit at least three patterns from it. And other people on Ravelry are doing the same. Some people knit so fast, I am really jealous. But Daisy will be an FO in a few days I think. You don’t have to do much finishing, only a little collar and sewing.

And I would love to finish Woolsthorpe, but I have to wait for my package. Maybe tuesday, the mail man always comes on tuesday. 

(Still no photographs, our camera is in repair)

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