Daisy is going fine. I am working on the second front piece now. It looks lovely. The pockets are so beautiful, you had to knit the pocket linings in the contrast yarn, and then cast off for the pocket really tight, so the contrast yarn peeps out a little. And I really really love the stripes in moss stitch.

I bought buttons for Daisy and Woolsthorpe on the textile market. Purple ones with big holes for Woolsthorpe and silver metal ones for Daisy. But when I tried them out at home, the silver ones looked better on Woolshorpe and the purple ones on Daisy. I bought also some fabric to sew a skirt. I haven’t sewn something in a long time, it will be fun to make something again.

My wool order for Rose and Woolshorpe isn’t there yet. According to English Yarns the wool would be delivered to them by Rowan at the end of april, but I haven’t heard anything further yet. Well, it doesn’t really matter, I can work on Daisy, but it would be nice to finish Woolsthorpe.

English Yarns is  a  great shop, I order a lot there, and it always went well. It is cheaper now for most wools to order them in England than in the Netherlands, although you have to pay shipping costs. Strange, isn’t it?

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