First sock

I finished my first sock yesterday and it fits perfectly. I am so proud of it. I learned this by following the pattern, so great that that’s possible. I have never worn such a beautiful sock. Now one for my other foot. 

I finished the back of Daisy too. That was a lot of work, and it still isn’t easy, knitting with that yarn on this gauge. It feels almost like an FO now it’s done. I’ve knitted the two pockets today in purple, and have now just started the first front piece. 

I ordered the extra ball of yarn for Woolsthorpe today, and yarn for Rose, also a design from the book Breeze. That pattern has really grown on me. It’s beautiful and casual at the same time. I gave it a lot of thought if I would knit in cotton like in the book, to make it a summer garment, or wool. I chose for wool eventually, also because it’s cheaper. I chose Pure Wool DK from Rowan again, this is really my favourite basic yarn. The colour is Glade, a green. It looks a bit like olive on my screen, we’ll see how it looks in real life. I love all greens, so it doesn’t really matter.

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