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I have worked on almost all my WIP’s this weekend. Unfortunately I can’t post any pictures, because our camera is broken. It makes really weird distorted rose pictures. It seems to be a common problem with this type of camera so we can send it to Canon and let it repair. 

This is one of the pictures I made today, when walking through the  beautiful Millingerwaard. 



Pretty cool huh.

I have worked a lot on Woolsthorpe. I sewed the shouder seams, made both buttonbands and worked a long time on the (big) collar. Collars are always such a lot of work, you have so many stitches on the needle. And like I expected, I ran out of yarn. I hope I will be lucky again and get the same dye lot when I order. It’s a pity I have to order extra yarn because I’m totally broke, and already have a lot of bills I have to pay from my next salary. But I am not gonna pay the shipping costs for one ball of yarn, so I have to order more.

But when my wool is there, Woolsthorpe will be finished quickly because three quarters of the collar are already done. The yarn feels so soft and bouncy after working on Daisy. Maybe the Muskat wasn’t a really good sub. You have to work on small needles to get a dense fabric and this yarn is kind of stiff. Maybe the Pima Cotton from Rowan is softer. It will be more like a jacket than a tee I think, it has no drape but is a bit stiff. We’ll see. 

I can’t work on Daisy very long, my hands get painful. So I have worked on my sock, and it grows slowly. I think I really like knitting socks. And I have worked on my lace shawl, I didn’t work on that for weeks, but now I did a few centimeters. I am past the feather and fan part now, and working on the second lace repeat. 

I had a really nice weekend, and the weather was great. The spring weather is really good this year.

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