Cotton for Daisy

The cotton for Daisy arrived, great colours. They are different than on my screen, the yellow is more orangy than I thought it would be, and the aubergine is lighter. But I like them anyway, the rusty yellow is a colour I’ve never used. I can’t wait to get started with Daisy, but I already have four WIP’s, I must finish something first.  But Woolsthorpe is almost there.

Garnstudio Muskat

When I first started knitting again I had only one project at a time, when that was almost ready I bought new yarn, after finishing I started the next project. But now I am working on Woolsthorpe, which is my main project, I started a sock because I was so curious how that would be, I have to start over with Emily, and I have my lace shawl, that has almost fallen into hibernation. And I still have my second sweater in hibernation. I really don’t care for the shape of that sweater anymore. I am thinking about frogging it and using the alpaca yarn for So Completely Feminine from A Stitch in Time.

I am also getting a real yarn stash. I am buying yarns quicker than I can finish my projects. I have now yarns for three sweaters in my closet and for three lace shawls, and some yarn I don’t know what I will make of. Oh well, it is lovely to look at all the different colours and textures and dreaming about what I will make of it. I will use them some day.

I bought a little book in Dutch about knitting socks, Sokken brei je zo. It is a handy book, contains a basic sock pattern and some different heels and toes. And 7 patterns, some are really lovely. There is a classic Dutch pattern called “Koffieboontje” I really like. 

Sokken brei je zo

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