I got two packages in the mail today. One is Breeze, from Kim Hargreaves. That one got here really quick. It is just as lovely as on her website. Maybe I am going to order some cotton for Daisy, such a sweet cardigan. I am thinking a mustard yellow, pink (like the one in the book) is too sweet for me. But I have to check my bank account first.

It is the first warm spring day here, I am sitting in the garden and working on my first sock. I am past the heel now, it is all working out fine. The wool is already quite hot in my hands, in summer it will be nice to work with cotton I think ( I am thinking of reasons to buy the cotton for Daisy…)

The other package is one extra ball of yarn for Woolsthorpe, I had to buy another because I originally bought the yarn for another pattern. It is the same dyelot, I’m lucky. And the Kid Classic for This One For Parties from A Stitch In Time. The colour Bittersweet is a little bit lighter in real life than on my screen, but it is a nice greyish brown. 

But I am dreaming about summer right now, t-shirts, swimming in the lake, sandals, icecream. I saw sheep with lambs at the border of our village, really cute. It is nice to live in the countryside, I am really happy here.

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