Learning curve


I have learned a lot about knitting the last 6 months. I learned to knit as a kid, from my mum and at school. I made a few sweaters when I was a teenager and in my twenties. After that I didn’t knit for ten years.

After finishing my second study (art school) I really needed another hobby, because drawing was work now. I bought some beads and tried to make some jewelry, but I never finished anything. After that I thought about crocheting, and looked on the internet if I could find some nice patterns there. I found the site of Garnstudio Drops, and found so many beautiful patterns there, and all free. Instead of learning to crochet, I picked up knitting again. I chose a simple pattern, because this would be the first project I would make entirely on my own (before I always asked my mother what to do next). I made a colorful striped pullover with three strings of cotton. It took me a long time to finish it and I had to frog a few times, but the result was a nice sweater for summer evenings. After that I chose another easy pattern from Drops. This was going very fast and it was a bit too easy, so I quickly ordered wool for my first cardigan.

I was reading a blog (Green Apples from Stitchywitch) about knitting and learned a lot of useful things there: I heard about blocking, making a swatch etc. She writes very well and knits very fast.

I discovered the patterns from Rowan and Kim Hargreaves and Knitty. I heard about Ravelry and waited eagerly for a week till I had access. Since then I have been on Ravelry almost every day. It is a wonderful site, you can find everything about yarns and patterns. It is so nice to see a pattern on a normal person, it is better than a photo with a model.

I made my first swatch, tried different ways of blocking. I am now trying to learn lace.

Knitting is now my main hobby. There are so many yarns I want to try (linen, camel) and so many techniques I want to learn (intarsia, lace). I am really looking forward to it.




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