On the needles

I am working on two other projects next to Woolsthorpe: Emily, from Kim Hargreaves book Heartfelt, and my first lace project: Drops 111-39. The last one is a feather and fan scarf that should be doable for a first attempt at lace. But the Kid Silk is giving me a hard time. It is a very thin yarn, I have to work carefully not to drop stitches. I started this a few weeks ago, and am not working on it much. I like mindless knitting better. Maybe I am not a lace knitter, or maybe this yarn is a bit too much for a beginning lace knitter. I don’t know yet.




I will finish it some time, but it could take a few months. But it looks lovely, I think I will enjoy wearing it. I never had such a luxurious shawl.

Emily is waiting on the couch I use for blocking. Due to gauge problems she turned out too big and I used every inch of wool (even had to frog my swatch for the yarn) so I have to buy new wool to sew her together. I used straight needles to make my swatch, but changed to circulars. I didn’t know it would change my gauge, and I didn’t check until I was almost finished.

I hope Emily won’t be too big, I tried to block her smaller, but I don’t know if you can use blocking in that way. Maybe I will frog and knit her again if she doesn’t fit. It was a very easy and fast knit, so I can do that. I really want to have a close fitting, sexy Emily.

Emily blocking

I have a lot of patterns in my Ravelry queue from Kim Hargreaves. I can’t wait till the next book comes out. Rumours are it will be the end of March or April.

Woolsthorpe is going fine. I finished the back and started one of the pocket linings. And I checked my gauge, it is still what it should be.

I ordered Kid Classic in Bittersweet for the pattern This One For Parties from the book A Stitch in Time. It is a beautiful brown. The pattern is in the book knitted in a silk blend, but I couldn’t find anything affordable. And I think Kid Classic also has something classy, so I think it will be a good sub. Can’t wait to start…(I have so many patterns in my queue on Ravelry, I will never be able to knit them all, but I really want to)

If you like vintage patterns, you should really check out A Stitch in Time. It is a beautiful book, nice photographs, and the original patterns next to the updated ones. And it contains more than 50 patterns. 


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