My knit blog

Welcome to my knitting blog.  I am totally obsessed with knitting the last few months.  I also love to read knit blogs.  So why not start my own blog, so I can talk about knitting as much as I want and hopefully will meet other people with the same obsession. 

English is not my native language, because I am a dutch woman, so I hope my language faults won’t bother you. But I think blogging in English is the best choice, because I want people from other countries to be able to read my posts. 

I have just started to work on Woolsthorpe, a design from Martin Storey from Rowan Classic Vintage. I ordered this booklet a few weeks ago after looking for months at the pictures on the site from English Yarns. It is a great book, and I must say I’m surprised not all the patterns are listed on Ravelry. I want to make a lot of them. But Woolsthorpe is my favourite. 

I just finished the rib section of the back. You have to knit all the knit stitches through the back loop, which is quite time consuming. But it looks lovely, so I think  it’s worth the effort. 

Woolsthorpe in progress

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1 Response to My knit blog

  1. wenswoolgathering says:

    Your twisted rib looks great. I’ll have to look up Woolsthorpe on RAV.

    BTW your written english is very good, I wouldn’t worry about it.


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