The Dark and the Light – Night Wanderer

nanouk beljaars

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photograph by me

dirt - nanouk beljaars

dirt – nanouk beljaars

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another page from my artist book

photo (1)

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Nanouk Beljaars

A few years ago when I was still in art school I made a drawing of a pregnant woman with the head of a bird.
Now I’m pregnant myself I kept thinking about that drawing. I’ve always wanted to make a bigger drawing or a painting of it.
This is the first stage of the painting. I am using a palette knife instead of a paint brush. I am trying to make my paintings less clean, less stiff. I think the palette knife helps with this.

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Just another page from my artist book

Nanouk Beljaars

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Nanouk Beljaars

This photograph reminds me of old weathered photographs of the 19th century. It looks like I used some sort of filter in Photoshop, but I didn’t. It’s the falling snow that gives this effect. I would like to make more of them, but it doesn’t snow that often around here. This could very well be the last snow this winter.

Something to look forward to next winter…

I am making a lot of photographs of trees and water lately. I really love to photograph winter this year. Not snow especially, but bare trees , dark water, mud. But let’s stick with the snow theme today:

boomwater - Nanouk Beljaars

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The Victims

Nanouk Beljaars - The Victims

I’m working on a series of small portraits. They’re really tiny, 9x7cm, list including. I’m using gouache and pencil and different layers of papers. Including pages of an old book I bought in a thrift shop. The book smells of cigars.

I wasn’t planning on making creepy portraits, but after adding the colors they definitely began to look creepy. They remind me of photographs of people who are long dead, but smiling forever on their photographs.

So I am just adding more and more of those portraits. I hope to make a whole table full of them. I called them The Victims.

Nanouk Beljaars - The Victims

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